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Ohio Vows End to Death Penalty Drug Mixture

The state of Ohio will no longer use a two-drug combination for the death penalty by lethal injection. The previously untested combination of midazolam (a sedative) and hydromorphone (a powerful analgesic) was administered for the first and last time for the execution of Dennis McGuire last year. The cocktail caused McGuire to choke and gasp until he died 15 minutes later. Lethal injection should be physically painless and take up to five minutes when done properly. His family sued the state, claiming that his death amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. McGuire is not the only inmate to suffer from …


Popular Malaria Drug Poses Risk of Aggression, Delirium, and Violence in Soldiers

Chris Nace, Esq. http://paulsonandnace.com/ One of the most widely prescribed malaria drugs may pose serious risk to military personnel (Alternet). Lariam (mefloquine) is the least expensive and most convenient of malaria treatment. Patients only have to take it once a week, instead of everyday. So, what makes Lariam so dangerous? Lariam has effects similar to the drug PCP, including delirium and hallucinations. These neurotoxic effects can stay in one’s system for weeks or years. Travelers taking it report vivid nightmares and memory loss, but the real issue lies in a more particular demographic: soldiers and veterans. Medical and military authorities warn …


New Reports Show Big Pharma, the FDA Behind Pain Killer Epidemic

Chris Nace, Esq. http://paulsonandnace.com/ Narcotic painkillers were once limited to patients with terminal illness, victims of accidents, and events like invasive surgery. Today, millions of Americans are on narcotic painkillers for other reasons, including recreational use. Reportedly, poisonings from legal and illegal drugs now exceed car accidents in injury deaths. Emergency room visits for non-heroin opioids have risen from 299,000 in 2001 to 885,000 in 2011. What’s behind this troubling trend? Big Pharma, according to a report by Martha Rosenberg. Put simply, it pays well and they’ve rigged the game to keep it that way. More specifically, a cozy alliance …


Jury Finds Boston Scientific Liable for Transvaginal Mesh Device, Awards $18.5 Million to Injured Women

Chris Welsh, Esq. welsh-law.com Medical device developer and manufacturer Boston Scientific has been found liable for the second time this month for its sale of defective vaginal mesh implants. The devices, commonly called “TVM” devices, are mesh implants used to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. They have been widely defective and harmful, causing serious health problems and pain after eroding in the body. Complications include organ perforation, intense pain, infection, inability to have sexual intercouse, and multiple revision surgeries. Boston Scientific faces thousands of claims, 14,000 of which have been consolidated in a multidistrict litigation. Most recently, …


Family Awarded $6.75 million in Pediatric Botox Case

Chris Welsh, Esq. welsh-law.com After a three week trial, a federal jury ruled in favor of a mother and father suing Allergan, maker of Botox, for inadequate warning of its potential dangers in pediatric use. Their seven year-old son, Joshua, suffered severe complications after his second injection of Botox for leg spasms. The jury awarded the Drakes and their son $6.75 million in both compensatory and punitive damages. Lori and Kevin Drake’s son, Joshua, has cerebral palsy and had been suffering leg spasms. In 2010, a doctor recommended Botox as a treatment. After the first dose had little effect, the …


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