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30,000 Vehicles to Be Inspected This Week by Non-Profit CVSA

Chris Welsh, Esq. This week is Commercial Break Safety Week, sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The outreach campaign will inspect an estimated 30,000 vehicles in an effort to improve commercial vehicle safety in North America. Commercial vehicles are built tough, with their break systems made to withstand tough conditions seen out on the road. Despite their strength, all commercial motor vehicles (CMV), must be inspected throughout their lifetime. CVSA is making that priority easier, with free inspections of CMV break systems throughout North America this week until September 13th. …


Trucking Advocates Continue to Deny Driver Fatigue Issue

Chris Welsh, Esq.   This week, a NY Times has aptly summed up the debate surrounding trucking fatigue: Prove it. Advocates say trucking fatigue a serious and far too common problem on our roadways. Trucking associations and businesses demand proof–how do you know for sure someone was tired at the wheel? The government can’t regulate sleep, they defend. A photo (pictured right) of a June 2009 trucking accident that claimed the lives of 10 people reveals a dark truth about trucking: financial gain comes at a serious price. The crushing truck reads, “Lowest price, everyday. Always Save” Always Save. Eery …


Trucking Pay-by-the-Mile System Encourages Rule Violation & No Rest

Chris Welsh, Esq. This month’s tragic trucking accident involving celebrated comedian, Tracy Morgan, has brought much needed attention to the serious issue of truck driving safety (and the lack there of). Large commercial trucks are no easy task to drive. Massive and hard to steer, they require skill and attention. When something goes wrong, the potential for a very serious accident is overwhelming. In fact, it has been found that the potential for a severe accident increases with the number of big trucks on the road. An overwhelming 90% of trucking accidents are caused by some sort of human error by …


Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, Couple Die Tragically on Interstate 80 in Nebraska with a  Semi-truck owned by Swift Transportation

Chris Welsh, Esq. Tragic news in Nebraska. A Canadian couple tragically died last Thursday after a Swift Transportation semi-trailer truck crossed the median and collided with their vehicle. Robert McPhail, 74, and Ruth McPhail, 76, of Ontario died at the scene of a collision on the eastbound I-80, four miles east of Overton in Dawson County, Nebraska. Both were wearing their seatbelts. The Nebraska State Patrol said the crash occurred around 2:30 p.m. when a westbound semi-truck crossed the median to collide with the McPhail’s eastbound 2009 Nissan Murano. It is unknown who was driving the Swift Transportation semi-truck, if …


Senate Suspends Trucker Fatigue Rules Just Days Before Tracy Morgan Crash

Chris Welsh, Esq. This weekend’s tragic crash involving comedian Tracy Morgan, who is now in critical condition, came just days after the Senate approved to weaken trucker fatigue rules. Morgan lost his longtime friend and fellow comedian, James McNair, in the deadly late night pileup. The truck driver that caused the accident is said to have failed to observe the slow moving traffic ahead of him and swerved to avoid impact, but collided with the limo carrying Morgan and six other people. Today, news has come out that the driver was Kevin Roper, 35, a Walmart employee who had not …


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