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Fatal Crash Truck Driver Found in a “Zombie-like” State

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Last month, I blogged about the tragic highway truck accident that took the lives of four young college students in Oklahoma on September 26th. They were all teammates on North Central Texas College’s softball team, traveling home after a game that Friday and ready for the weekend. At the time, investigation was just beginning, but the factors were very suspicious. The weather was clear and the roads were dry. Driver Russell Staley claims he doesn’t remember what happened, but that he had been distracted before the crash. The fireman that discovered him describes finding Staley in …


Stories from the Road Reveal Heartbreaking Price of Driving Fatigue

Chris Welsh, Esq. “I was coming down the hill and I guess I dozed off,” semi-truck driver Doug Bouch told the Ohio State Highway Patrol after a terrible fatal accident midday in August four years ago. “When I opened my eyes I saw brake lights, people coming to a stop. I could not stop, I could not veer. I looked for an out but there was nowhere to go” ( Doug Bouch had slept three hours the night before he began work at 3 am. One day around noon, Bouch dozed off at the wheel and rammed into a …


Walmart Says Tracy Morgan at Fault for Injuries, Should Have Worn Seat belt

Walmart claims that the passengers in a fatal semi-truck and limo collision are at fault for their injuries and should have been wearing seatbelts. Walmart’s allegation comes in response to a lawsuit filed in July by actor Tracy Morgan and three others injured in the accident. The late night New Jersey Turnpike accident claimed the life of Morgan’s friend and fellow comedian, James McNair. Morgan suffered a broken leg, nose, and ribs. Three others were injured. They claim Walmart was negligent for allowing a fatigued employee to drive. On the other side, Walmart claims that “all or a portion of the …


Oklahoma Bus-Semi Collision Kills 4 Young College Students

Chris Welsh, Esq. Heartbreaking news from Oklahoma this week. A fatal crash on Interstate 35 near the Oklahoma-Texas border is “being investigated like a homicide,” police said on Sunday. The crash, which occurred last Friday night, was caused by a tractor-trailer that struck a bus while crossing l anes. After colliding with the bus, the tractor-trailer continued off the side of the road. Police did not discover the semi for nearly an hour. Police are treating investigation in terms of homicide due to great suspicion of factors that caused the event. The weather was clear, roads were dry. “Something happened …


Fracking Boom Linked to Increase in Road Deaths on TX Highways

Brian Nettles, Esq. While terrible car accidents happen everyday, road fatalities across the US are thankfully down from what they were in the days when roads and vehicles went largely unregulated. An investigation by the Houston Chronicle has found that one state stands apart with a significant rise in road fatalities. Texas not only leads the nation in motor vehicle deaths, but has seen a significant rise in triple fatality accidents­­ (accidents in which three or more people die). In 2010, there were 72 triple fatality accidents statewide. Last year saw 148. Reasons for the trend are multifaceted, an investigative …


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