Trucking Accidents

Federal Regulators Weigh in On Truck Safety, Outdated Insurance Regulations

Brian Nettles, Esq. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) is considering raising the federal minimum insurance requirements for trucks and buses. Nationally, truck and bus safety is a big deal for our roads. In a sense, they carry the country: food and other goods, and people–the most precious cargo of all. With this benefit comes serious risk–risk that is too often exacerbated by the motive to make profit. Driving is a dangerous activity made even more treacherous by drowsy driving. Too many companies encourage their drivers to push themselves to make deliveries, and then turn a blind eye …


Tech Companies Developing Driver Fatigue Monitors

Chris Welsh, Esq. A silverlining may be appearing for the epidemic of distracted driving. A movement to monitor drivers’ fatigue on the roadways has begun. Specifically, the “Safety Trax|DDM” by Safety Vision, LLC. is a “driver distraction and fatigue monitoring system” for vehicles. Based on mobile and fleet automation systems, the infrared illuminated camera can be placed on the dashboard to film day or night with “intelligent video algorithms.” It works by tracking the driver’s eye lids and pupil dilation, and even warns the driver in with real-time sound alerts when symptoms of fatigue or distraction occur. It can even …


New Jersey Turnpike still a dangerous highway even after multi-million dollar widening:

Robert Sachs, Esq. It was only a question of time… Just over two weeks after the New Jersey Turnpike opened all six lanes south of “the merge” the northbound truck lanes have been closed due to a fiery, three tractor-trailer collision. Early reports indicate that just after 9 PM Tuesday night, three tractor-trailers heading north were involved in a collision between exit 7 and exit 8. By the time the late news came on, it was clear that the fire involved all three vehicles. Thursday morning, overhead views also showed obvious damage to guard rails. Officials were slow to reopen …


Berks County Truck Crash Kills Two

Robert Sachs, Esq. It has been a dangerous 24 hour period for tractor-trailer wrecks in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There was a fatal multi-vehicle crash involving a tractor-trailer in Berks County (outside of Reading) yesterday morning. NBC news has posted video of the scene which shows at least two, and possibly three vehicles pushed up against a Dunkin’ Donuts sign by a tractor-trailer. The collision occurred at approximately 6:30 this morning on Allentown Pike (Route 222) just before its intersection with Route 73 in Blandon, PA. This section of Route 222 is two lanes and visibility is clear in both …


Fatal Crash Truck Driver Found in a “Zombie-like” State

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Last month, I blogged about the tragic highway truck accident that took the lives of four young college students in Oklahoma on September 26th. They were all teammates on North Central Texas College’s softball team, traveling home after a game that Friday and ready for the weekend. At the time, investigation was just beginning, but the factors were very suspicious. The weather was clear and the roads were dry. Driver Russell Staley claims he doesn’t remember what happened, but that he had been distracted before the crash. The fireman that discovered him describes finding Staley in …


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