Resident Rights

Three Years After the San Bruno Blast and Still Much to Be Resolved

Elise Sanguinetti, Esq. It has been three years since the Pacific Gas & Electric pipeline blast destroyed a neighborhood and took 8 lives in San Bruno. Today, emotional and physical damage are not something of the past, but an everyday reality. Many residents and critics of PG& E are disappointed with the lack of accountability and safety that remain all this time later. Beyond living in an environment of empty lots and construction, residents are left to wonder whether they are truly safe from the same pipeline dangers that once destroyed their homes. After the blast, the National Transportation Safety …


Nursing Home Reports Reveal Much Bigger System of Problems, Abuse

By: Tatum Brontë and Brian Nettles, Esq. A rise in the reporting of elder abuse has revealed that nursing homes across the U.S. offer quite the opposite of what they promise—and what we trust them to do. Recent efforts on the local, state, and federal level continue to discover abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Findings reveal these problems to be a long-term plague of the system (consider that the first federal effort to protect the elderly was the Older Americans Act of 1965). ​Recently, my home state of Nevada was 1 of 11 states reported with a failing grade in nursing …


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