Professional negligence

The Cost of Healthcare: Medical Error and Negligence Estimated to be the Third Leading Cause of Death in America

Chris Nace, Esq. Recently, our blog discussed the YODA program at Yale: an open data access program for the free flow of medical knowledge, research, and investigation on behalf of medical consumer safety. Today, we are hearing about another independent investigation for the wellbeing of Americans by journalists, doctors, and ProPublica (an independent newsroom). Their aim? To determine and reveal the true number of fatalities caused by medical mistakes and negligence. The latest estimate? Between 210,000 and 440,000 fatalities. Both discussions reveal the disturbing reality of a dangerous, negligent, and fraudulent health world—in other words, that which has been swept …


Behind the False Promise of New Anticoagulants: Same Risks, No Antidote

Richard Schulte, Esq. Since the 1950’s, Americans suffering from atrial fibrillation (AFib) have relied on warfarin, also known as Coumadin, for anti-coagulation that reduces the risk of stroke. The drawback of this drug is commonly known to be its high maintenance: the demand for frequent blood work analysis, doctor follow-ups, and dietary restriction. In 2010 and 2011, two drugs were released and heralded as great replacements for warfarin. The drugs, dabigatran (Pradaxa) and rivaroxaban (Xarelto) promised liberation to warfarin users as daily pills with better efficacy and less maintenance. According to the Pradaxa brand, a 35% decrease in risk of …


Nursing Home Reports Reveal Much Bigger System of Problems, Abuse

By: Tatum Brontë and Brian Nettles, Esq. A rise in the reporting of elder abuse has revealed that nursing homes across the U.S. offer quite the opposite of what they promise—and what we trust them to do. Recent efforts on the local, state, and federal level continue to discover abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Findings reveal these problems to be a long-term plague of the system (consider that the first federal effort to protect the elderly was the Older Americans Act of 1965). ​Recently, my home state of Nevada was 1 of 11 states reported with a failing grade in nursing …


Litigating When You Don’t Do Your Homework

By: Mark Zamora, Esq. Today’s blog entry is courtesy of a recent report that a person in California sued New England Compounding Center/Pharmacy, alleging injuries from a contaminated product. That company is known across the USA as NECC. Problems? Well, the first one is this – The lawyers for the Plaintiff in that case named a bankrupt company. Those same lawyers served the Complaint not on NECC’s agent, but on a Plaintiff’s law firm in Nashville that represents injured consumers in lawsuits against NECC. Problem number two – The very same lawyers who served the wrong company then moved for …


Construction Worker Falls Lead Fatalities, Cause to Be Speculated

Brian Nettles, Esq. The death of a Las Vegas man, a construction worker who fell to his death on August 20th, has brought back concerns about workplace safety—an issue that reached a fevered pitch during the building boom just a few years ago. According the Center for Disease Control, falls are a major, yet persistent public health problem that requires both skilled workers and responsible employers. They are also the leading killer of construction workers, making up 35% of fatalities (not including government or self-employed workers. In the U.S., nearly two construction workers die on the job each day. Fall …


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