Nursing Home Malpractice

More Truth About Medical Malpractice Costs (From a Doctor)

Christopher Nace, Esq. Continuing from yesterday’s post about the myths of medical malpractice (and the civil suits that follow them) there is some more truth to be heard and reiterated: medical malpractice costs are dropping. In response to the wild debate over national healthcare costs (you know, the one that shutdown the government?), Dr. Chris Belk has this to say: It ain’t the lawyers. Discourse and diatribe of healthcare costs, whether on current or hypothetical future plans, are full of criticism towards the liability system. In other words, your healthcare bills are so expensive because doctors have to pay outlandish …


Elderly Residents Left to Fend for Themselves in Deplorable CA Home

Saul Gruber, Esq. A skeleton crew, including a cook and janitor, called 911 for help at an abandoned nursing home in Castro Valley, California this past month. Last Thursday, the California Department of Social Services ordered the place to be closed due to deplorable conditions. The Department gave owners, Herminigilda “Hilda” N. Manuel and Mary Julleah N. Manuel, the weekend to shutdown and find new homes for residents. Instead, fourteen residents—most bedridden—were abandoned without notice to their families. The home “was hell” according to a neighbor of 25 years. Authorities found decorative holiday pumpkins on the porch, and Easter eggs …


Californian Report Reveals Elder Abuse Regulation Near Non-Existent

Christopher Nace, Esq. Recently the former director of Public Health in California warned: “Do not count on the government to take care of you.” He wasn’t referring to the current government shutdown, but the crisis of elder abuse. Leslie Bailey, Esq., recently wrote about the issue on the blog Public Justice. She reveals that, according to a report done by the Center for Investigative Reporting, regulators of elderly healthcare in California have failed to protect the ones they serve. The report addresses a crisis level backlog of reported abuse and theft in the Golden State, where approximately 160,000 nursing assistants …


October is Residents’ Rights Month, Nation Encouraged to Speak Out Against Elder Abuse

By Saul Gruber, Esq. The Consumer Voice has designated October has Residents’ Rights Month, a time to celebrate the opportunity of all facilities to recognize and celebrate the dignity, respect, and value of individual residents. The month is dedicated to all residents living in long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, sub acute units, assisted living, board and care and retirement communities. The theme of this year’s celebration is “Speak Out Against Elder Abuse!” A primary goal of the theme is to encourage residents and their families to be educated about the issue and protect themselves. The Consumer Voice has been …


How to Detect Elder Abuse: Critical Steps in Protecting Your Loved Ones

Tad Thomas, Esq. Elder abuse is a very serious yet underreported problem in the United States. A study by the National Center on Elder Abuse revealed that 1 in 10 adults experienced abuse (not including financial exploitation). Nearly 3.2 million Americans resided in nursing homes in 2008 (NCEA). The tragedy of elder abuse goes underreported for many reasons. First and foremost, evidence of abuse is often wrongly attributed to the process of aging. Sadly, many family members and professionals are not trained to adequately detect signs of abuse when they occur. Most tragic, an abused elderly person may not report …


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