Motor Vehicle Defects

Honda Admits to Under-Reporting Accidents for the Last Decade

Chris Welsh, Esq. Last week, Honda Motor Co. admitted that it failed to notify U.S. safety regulators of 1,729 injuries and deaths related to its vehicles since 2003. The automaker admitted its shortcomings in response toa second order from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) seeking an explanation for why Honda failed to fulfill its legal obligation to report incidents. Honda admitted its count under-reported claims came from a third party audit and cited “various errors related to data entry” on its own part. Most significantly, the automaker admitted that it employed an “overly narrow interpretation of its …


Toyo and Nitto Brand Tires Recalled for Safety Hazard

Chris Welsh, Esq. Another auto recall is in effect. Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. is recalling approximately 175,000 Toyo Tires and Nitto brand tires for potential risk of tread/belt separation and loss of pressure, causing tire failure and accidents. The tires are made for light trucks, SUVs, and vans (including commercial). Issues during production may have created conditions that put undue stress on the belt edge of the tire. Tires potentially affected include select Toyo® Open Country® H/T Nitto® Dura Grappler® Highway Terrain tires manufactured in Japan between November 2008 and June 2013. Tires can be identified by …


Arizona First State to Sue General Motors

Chris Welsh, Esq. Arizona is the first state to bring a lawsuit against General Motors (“GM”) for its defective ignition switch. The state filed the suit last Wednesday, accusing the company of putting the public at risk for concealing safety problems and delaying recalls ( Their suit involves hundreds of thousands of vehicles and $10,000 per safety violation. The suit also alleges that consumers lost money due to the fall in GM vehicle value and that current CEO was informed of an electric power steering problem in 2011 when she worked as head of product development. If the court …


Newly Released GM Emails: Employees Knew About Defect Two Months Prior to Recall

Chris Welsh, Esq. New evidence has come out regarding GM’s massive recall due to a defective ignition switch. Per the request of a plaintiffs’ lawyer, private company emails have been unsealed and now reveal that GM knew about the defect problem and delayed notifying safety regulators far beyond the within-five-days rule. The emails, dated two months before the recall, show an effort to order 500,000 new ignition parts ‘ASAP.’ Notably, these email were not included in the “brutally tough” 315-page report by former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. Opinions differ as to why they were left out. While the emails …


Honda Recalls 170,000 More Vehicles for Exploding Airbag

Chris Welsh, Esq. Honda is recalling 170,000 more vehicles due to risk of a defective airbag. The recall includes five different models of cars sold across Asia, Europe, and Pacific Ocean islands. Honda has already recalled more than 6 million cars worldwide. Approximated 14.3 million have been recalled by the nine car corporations affected by the defect. The faulty airbags were manufactured by Takata Corporation, a Japanese company. Instead of inflating, airbags explode with shrapnel, severely hurting passengers (see video of the defect here) . Evidence of a tragic Florida accident described the injury as similar to a stabbing. …


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