Motor Vehicle Collisions

Freight Train and School Bus Collide in North Dakota, 2 Killed

Chris Welsh, Esq. Terrible news out of North Dakota today. A school bus carrying 13 students was hit by a freight train , killing the bus driver and a 17-year-old student. The 12 survivors were treated at Altru hospital in Grand Forks. The accident occurred Monday afternoon about 20 miles about 20 miles west of Grand Forks when a BNSF Railway train hit the right front side of the bus, which was taking students to school. It is believe that the bus driver did not stop for the oncoming train. The crossing reportedly has only a stop sign, with no …


Family Lost in Tragic Semi-Truck Accident in Missouri

Chris Welsh, Esq. Heartbreaking news out of Missouri this holiday season. Police are investigating an accident on a Kansas City freeway that claimed the lives of a small family. Five people, including three toddlers under the age of three, were killed in the accident. The accident occurred last Saturday evening when the victims’ vehicle stopped on the outermost lane of Interstate 435 and was struck from behind by a semi-truck. It remains unclear if the car had become disabled or ran out of gas. The accident, which police describe the scene as ‘catastrophic,’ shut down traffic for about four hours. …


Safe Winter Driving Tips

Brian Nettles, Esq. If you’re traveling somewhere snowy for the holidays, take these critical steps to stay safe on the road. Massachusetts Department of Transportation offers a great checklist, and listed below are some of the most important tips: Driving: Remember that speed limits are set for dry roads. Know what road conditions you face and don’t try to outdrive them. It’s important not to be overconfident even if you have a 4×4 vehicle, or too comfortable–do not drive in cruise control. Winter conditions such as snow and ice require extra caution and attention: drive slower than usual, look further …


Uber Faces DA’s in California for False Advertising, Among Other Things

Chris Welsh, Esq. Los Angeles and San Francisco district attorneys have joined the growing group of cities, states, and countries to take issue with the popular ride-sharing app, Uber. Uber is a smartphone app that enables riders to find private drivers. Most notably, its generally faster and cheaper than call a cab. Offering such consumer convenience, the app’s popularity boomed and investors leaped. In June, Uber was valued around $17 billion. Today, it’s reached $40 billion…more than any tech start-up in the U.S., including DropBox and Airbnb. But behind the start-up’s mind-numbing success is a darker story.  Uber’s juxtaposition …


New Jersey Turnpike still a dangerous highway even after multi-million dollar widening:

Robert Sachs, Esq. It was only a question of time… Just over two weeks after the New Jersey Turnpike opened all six lanes south of “the merge” the northbound truck lanes have been closed due to a fiery, three tractor-trailer collision. Early reports indicate that just after 9 PM Tuesday night, three tractor-trailers heading north were involved in a collision between exit 7 and exit 8. By the time the late news came on, it was clear that the fire involved all three vehicles. Thursday morning, overhead views also showed obvious damage to guard rails. Officials were slow to reopen …


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