Motor Vehicle Collisions

Important Reminders About School Bus Safety

Chris Welsh, Esq. Driving near a school bus requires extra caution and attention. Buses make frequent stops to let off passengers who are often of an age group that doesn’t always pay attention and who are tough to see beyond your vehicle.  Unsurprisingly, crashes and accidents related to school buses often occur between 7-8 am and 3-4 pm. Accidents can be the perfect storm of distracted driving and vision obstruction. Safe driving near school buses can be achieved by following a few simple steps: Pay attention! Be aware of where the bus is traveling and leave extra space for …


Court to Decide on Takata Airbag Case Consolidation

Chris Welsh, Esq. Later this month, there will be a hearing to decide whether federally-filed Takata Airbag cases should be consolidated for one district court and, if so, which in particular. Takata, a Japanese auto supplier, has struggled with airbag ruptures for nearly two decades (NY Times). The cause is believe to be an unstable compound that blows up in response to pressure or temperature changes. The explosion may be due to the fact that Takata is reportedly the only supplier to use ammonium nitrate, an explosive chemical, to inflate airbags rapidly. The faulty airbag has been linked to …


Tragic Crash Kills Woman in Omaha

Chris Welsh, Esq. On Sunday, an Omaha woman succumbed to serious injuries from a car accident last Wednesday. She died Sunday night at Nebraska Medical Center. Joanne Smith, 55, was unloading items from the trunk of her car when she was hit by another vehicle.  The impact severed her legs above her knees and put her in critical condition. The accident occurred near 51st Street and Northwest Radial. Police say the other driver had dropped her cellphone to the floor and tried to grab it. The other driver was not injured and may face charges. Our hearts go out to …


New Truck Proposal Not as Safe as It Sounds

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Later this year, Congress will consider a proposal to lengthen tractor trailers by five feet, an expansion that will at 18 percent volume for cargo. Proponents of the change claim this is a wise move for industry efficiency and safety–but this could not be further from the truth. They argue that Congress should back off restricting the size of trucks because the industry has “adopted significant safety upgrades,” but cannot also fulfill the delivery demands of 9 million people with just 28-foot trailers. They argue that bigger trucks will increase truck driving stability, decrease traffic congestion, and bring …


Five People Killed in Tractor-Trailer Crash in Maryland

Chris Welsh, Esq. Five people, including a pregnant woman, were killed this past weekend in an early morning crash on Saturday in a collision between their vehicle and a tractor-trailer. The collision occurred around 1:15 am in Wye Mills, Md. at the intersection of routes 50 and 313. It is unknown who was driving at the time, but it is believe that the tractor-trailer was traveling in the southbound when it hit the victims’ westbound 2006 Suzuki Forenza on the passenger side and rolled over the vehicle. Investigators do not know which party had the red light. Charges have …


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