Motor Vehicle Collisions

ATTENTION: “Distracted Driving”–It’s More Than a Thing, It’s An Epidemic

Pamela Mullis, Esq. “Distracted Driving” is generally defined by anything used that distracts you from driving responsibly: cell phone conversations (text or voice, handheld or not), eating, GPS systems, makeup…The umbrella term can be divided into three main types: cognitive, manual, and visual. In 2011, distracted driving caused over 3,000 deaths and 387,000 injuries—and possibly more ( Many of the crashes caused by distracting driving go underreported, according to the Office of Highway Safety Planning. Why? Without a witness, it is difficult to prove. And, cellphone records are often difficult to get—in some cases, not even considered. Ben Lieberman of …


Share the Road Campaign: Ohio Keeps Pedestrians and Cyclists Safe

Ohio’s Department of Transportation (ODOT) director Jerry Wray believes that “everyone has a right to use Ohio’s roads … and that safety is everyone’s responsibility.” In an attempt to make motoristsmore conscious of motorcycles, bikes and pedestrians, Ohio instituted a “Share the Road” awareness campaign in response to rising crash statistics. Ohio’s Crash Data The Ohio Department of Public Safety recently released Ohio’s serious crash statistics from 2006-2010: Cars/Trucks: Over 300,000 serious crashes involved cars and trucks, resulting in over 1,000 deaths Motorcycles: Approximately 4,500 crashes and 170 fatalities were reported involving motorcyclists Bikes: Roughly 2,000 crashes and 1,600 injuries resulted …


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