Motor Vehicle Collisions

Amtrak-Truck Collision Potentially Fault of Oversized Truck

Chris Welsh, Esq. Earlier this month, an 18-wheeler carrying three times the size and weight permitted made a fateful left-hand turn across train tracks when it collided with an Amtrak train. This is the second major truck and train incident this year. Allegedly, a special permit had been written to allow the truck to exceed length and weight limits. A witness reports that the driver of the 164-foot truck had been trying to make the turn for nearly ten minutes and accelerated at the last minute when he saw the oncoming train. The driver jumped out of the vehicle …


Judge Sets $4 Million Bail for Drunk Driver of Fatal Accident

Brian Nettles, Esq. A Las Vegas judge has set a $4 million bail for a man accused of killing two young girls while drunk driving. Seong Mo Lee, 22, was driving around 1:30 am at more than 115 mph when he hit the car of two teenage girls making a U-turn. Lee’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. It was the second time he was found to be drunk driving in less than year. Kamesha J’Nyah Gilmore, 17, and Gabriell Rene Thomas, 18, both died in the accident. The community recently gathered at a vigil in …


March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Chris Welsh, Esq. Did you know that 5.3 million Americans live with a brain injury (Shepherd Center)? Brain injuries can occur in many ways to varying degrees. Both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries happen in car or sporting accidents, or from natural causes like infection or stroke. They do not always appear with open wounds or loss of consciousness. In fact, many people may not realize they have suffered a brain injury. Victims of brain injury and their loved ones need dedicated rehabilitative therapy and strong support systems for coping with and surviving the traumatic life changes that brain …


Four Highway Safety Lobbies Push NHTSA for Automatic Brake Systems in Big Rigs

Chris Welsh, Esq. Safety advocates from four different groups are pushing for the National Highway Traffic Safety Association(“NHTSA”) to mandate a brake safety technology in big rig trucks. The technology is forward collision avoidance and mitigation braking, aka”F-CAM,” uses radar to alert the driver of imminent danger and to apply the brakes. If it determines that a crash is about to occur, it will automatically apply them to lessen the severity of the collision. The technology has been available for quite some time, but has seen inconsistent application by individual companies. Reportedly, just 3% of the more than 3 …


LV Woman Killed in Tragic Pile-up Crash

The Clark County coroner’s office has identified the woman killed in the nine-vehicle, double roll-over crash last Friday in the northwest Las Vegas valley. Her death is the 11th traffic fatality in the Las Vegas Metro jurisdiction this year. Ellen Finnie Gallucci, 65, was pronounced dead at the scene of a pile-up crash at Cheyenne Avenue and Jones Boulevard. Gallucci was crossing the intersection when she was struck by a 2012 Dodge Challenger that ran the red light. The collision caused Gallucci’s car to roll as well as a chain reaction. Three others were seriously injured in the crash including …


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