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 US Automotive Industry Has Long History of Evading Liability, Cutting Corners

Tad Thomas, Esq. This year, the GM defective ignition switch scandal and it’s magnitude shocked Americans. How could a company put over 2.6 million defective cars on the road–and ignore the fatal consequences for more than a decade? The scary truth of the issue is that GM isn’t the only car manufacturer to turn a blind eye to safety responsibilities. As far back as the 1960’s, the M.O. of American automotive manufacturers’ has been to evade liability of defective design…they simply do not believe it is their responsibility to produce safe vehicles. The truth is, manufacturers are concerned with two …


Cheating the Masses: How Americans Are Losing Access to Justice

Chris Nace, Esq. The National Center for Access to Justice of Cardozo Law school has released a visual and data-based infographic of how little civil legal aid is offered to Americans without attorneys, in poverty, with disabilities, and poor English skills. Did you know that 22% of states allow a judge to charge a deaf or hearing impaired person for a sign language interpreter? 28 states have less than one civil legal aid attorney for every 10,000 people under the poverty line. A new blog by Arthur Bryant of Public Justice reveals that the gravity of this issue is even …


Disastrous Fatal Auto Pedestrian Car Crash in Las Vegas, NV

Brian Nettles, Esq. In Las Vegas, a man tending to a broken down vehicle was fatally struck by a another vehicle yesterday. While it may be that the driver of the vehicle, a large SUV Dodge Durango, may have suffered a medical condition behind the wheel at the moment of the crash, little information has been released regarding the cause of the fatal accident. Advocates against distracted driving may worry that this case as an obvious tragedy of the new distraction epidemic. Distracted driving can be visual, manual, or cognitive. Sadly, causes under the umbrella of distracted driving are sometimes …


Supreme Court Curbs Challenge to Class Action Lawsuits

Elise Sanguinetti, Esq. This Monday, the Supreme Court opted to stay out of a dispute over alleged faulty washing machines, and on a larger scale, denied attempts to limit class-action claims. Class action suits impose large-scale liability on manufacturers that impose injury and/or great stress to consumers of their product. Companies are often largely against this, claiming that such claims pose great pressure to settle exorbitant claims that lack merit. Plaintiffs’ attorneys defend that class-action suits are an important legal right to consumers, allowing people to pursue legal relief as a large group (especially in cases where it would be …


About Us Attorney Bios Testimonials & Verdicts Referrals Firm News Contact Us Home Harmful Drug Side Effects Defective Medical Devices Unsafe Consumer Products Ohio Personal Injury About Us Contact Us More NuvaRing Lawsuit Filed by Wright & Schulte Seeks Compensation for Plaintiff’s Life-Threatening Blood Clot Disorders Allegedly Caused by NuvaRing Use

My firm is currently representing a woman from Cape Coral, Florida in recently filed a NuvaRing lawsuit (Case No. 2:13-cv-00721-SPC-DNF). This case, which was filed on October 11, 2013 in the U.S. District Court of Ohio, contends that the plaintiff developed serious blood clotting disorders as a direct result of using NuvaRing. Additionall, court documents for this case charge that the defendants, Organon USA, Inc. and Merck & Co., Inc., marketed NuvaRing as a safe and effective form of contraception despite knowing about the serious side effects linked to it. Wright & Schulte, LLC focuses on defending the rights of …


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