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Class-action lawsuit accuses Navistar of knowingly selling defective engines

A class-action lawsuit filed July 10 by three trucking companies against Navistar-International echoes claims of other lawsuits: That the truck and engine maker knew its EGR-only MaxxForce engines had defects and Navistar concealed those problems from buyers. The suit, brought by carriers Denis Gray Trucking, Carmichael Leasing and GTL Enterprises, also claim Navistar failed to properly repair the engines during the warranty period, thereby decreasing their trucks’ value and shortening the expected life of the engine. Those who bought International trucks with MaxxForce engines “did not get what they paid for,” the lawsuit alleges.


Jury Orders Autozone to Pay $185 Million for Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination

Chris Welsh, Esq. A federal jury in San Diego says AutoZone Stores Inc. should pay $185 million in punitive damages for “unlawfully demoting and firing a female employee who complained about gender and pregnancy discrimination” (LA Times). Autozone sells car and truck parts in three countries, with annual sales this year rounding $9.5 billion. Plaintiff Rosario Suarez worked at one of Autozones 539 stores in California. She claims that she was demoted from a management position shortly after telling her district manager that she had become pregnant. Allegedly, her manager’s reply to her announcement was “I feel sorry for …


Newly Released GM Emails: Employees Knew About Defect Two Months Prior to Recall

Chris Welsh, Esq. New evidence has come out regarding GM’s massive recall due to a defective ignition switch. Per the request of a plaintiffs’ lawyer, private company emails have been unsealed and now reveal that GM knew about the defect problem and delayed notifying safety regulators far beyond the within-five-days rule. The emails, dated two months before the recall, show an effort to order 500,000 new ignition parts ‘ASAP.’ Notably, these email were not included in the “brutally tough” 315-page report by former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. Opinions differ as to why they were left out. While the emails …


More Than 150,000 Claims Filed in Vibram Class Action Suit

More than 150,000 claims were received in the class action suit against Vibram USA, and claimants can expect to receive between $8 and $9 per pair of Vibram FiveFingers reportedly purchased, according to court documents reviewed byRunner’s World Newswire. After reviewing 95 percent of the claims submitted in the Bezdek vs. Vibram USA class action lawsuit, Heffler Claims Group, the independent case administrator, has submitted a declaration to the Massachusetts court detailing its findings, per the court’s request. As of October 31, Heffler had received 154,927 timely claims representing 279,570 pairs of FiveFingers. Under the terms of the suit, claimants …


Syngenta Faces Dozens of Lawsuits Over GMO Seed

Agrochemicals giant Syngenta is facing a growing number of lawsuits challenging its release of a genetically modified corn seed that China had not approved for import, with losses to farmers estimated to be at least $1 billion. More than 50 lawsuits have been filed in 11 major corn-growing states, including Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska with hundreds more being prepared. Some suits are from farmers represented by individual attorneys, others are class-action lawsuits representing hundreds more. A federal court panel that manages complex lawsuits involving large numbers of plaintiffs has scheduled a Dec. 4 hearing in Charleston, South Carolina, to …


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