Injuries to Consumers

Driven To Safety Campaign Reveals Importance of Civil Justice System

Tad Thomas, Esq. This week, I’ve blogged about the automotive’s long history of cutting corners for financial gain, and how important our civil justice system is when it comes to holding big business accountable. Have you ever wondered about the safety of your car? Or who makes sure the people that make it, make it safe? Highway safety deaths are way down from what they were 50 years ago, in large part to a strong expectations of safety and accountability between drivers and manufacturers alike. Thanks to the Driven to Safety Campaign,  here are the first landmark rulings that changed …


The GM Scenario: Reminding Americans that Civil Justice Isn’t ‘Frivolous’

Tad Thomas, Esq. For the past few months, the GM ignition switch controversy has taken over headlines, and thankfully so–millions of people will be driving safer cars and lives will be saved. As it unfolds, the debacle hasn’t been without fingerpointing. Most publicized, GM tried to weed out its own culture of ‘secrecy’–in other words, conspiracy–with an internal investigation. Others point to the NHTSA, saying they didn’t do enough to address the issue sooner. While many may roll their eyes at this public blame game, it is actually a very good thing–the fatal ignition defect is not only being discussed …


Take Note: Judge Posner Calls Out Unjust Class Action Settlement Tactics

Chris Gilreath, Esq. This month, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit rejected a class action settlement in Eubank v. Pella Corp., Nos. 13-2091, -2133, 2136, -2162, 2202 (7th Cir., June 2, 2014), citing that the settlement “flunked the ‘fairness test’” and should have been rejected before it even reached the court. The case, regards defective windows sold by the defendant, Pella Corp., between 1991 and 2006. The rejection of the settlement is over the legitimacy of the claim processing, poor counsel ethics, and mishandling by district court. Here’s are the red flags that Judge Posner pointed …


 US Automotive Industry Has Long History of Evading Liability, Cutting Corners

Tad Thomas, Esq. This year, the GM defective ignition switch scandal and it’s magnitude shocked Americans. How could a company put over 2.6 million defective cars on the road–and ignore the fatal consequences for more than a decade? The scary truth of the issue is that GM isn’t the only car manufacturer to turn a blind eye to safety responsibilities. As far back as the 1960’s, the M.O. of American automotive manufacturers’ has been to evade liability of defective design…they simply do not believe it is their responsibility to produce safe vehicles. The truth is, manufacturers are concerned with two …


HLS Professor Calls out The Roberts Court as the “Anti-Court Court”

Brian Nettles, Esq. Here at Trial Lawyers Care, we blog a lot about the current state of the justice system–and the dark trends that characterize it as of late. To put it cut and dry: access to justice is shrinking. Corporations and courts have an alliance that only grows stronger by the day, and consumers–aka, the American people–are excluded from this elite club of privilege and power. That’s why we cannot blog enough about it. Thankfully, trial attorneys, consumer advocates, watchdog groups, academics, and politicians alike can call out the abuse of power–and fight to make sure accountably is taken. Attorney and …


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