Injuries to Consumers

Jury Brings Fourth Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon for TVM Device

Chris Welsh, Esq. A California jury has granted a $5.7 million verdict against Johnson & Johnson, and its subsidiary, Ethicon Inc., for failing to warn health care providers of the risks associated with their defectively designed  transvaginal mesh device. It is the fourth plaintiffs’ victory against Johnson & Johnson and Ethicon regarding the mesh devices (“TVMs”). To date, over 25,000 claims have been brought in state and federal courts against the suppliers. The lead plaintiff, Coleen Perry, had the Ethicon device implanted to treat stress urinary incontinence in 2011. Within a year, she had to have surgery to remove parts …


Workers’ Comp “Reform” Leaves Injured in Poverty, Insurers Raking in Big

Chris Welsh, Esq. Workers’ compensation, more commonly known as “workers’ comp” has been a contract between employers and workers for more than a century: workers forfeit their right to sue and employers pay for insurance that covers medical bills and wages. Sadly, in recent years there has been a dismantling of this age-old dignity. Roughly a decade ago, the federal government–a long time advocate and protector of workers’ compensation–quit monitoring state laws on the matter. According to a new study by NPR and ProPublica, states have drastically cut workers’ benefits since this disappearance of oversight. Today, it can be …


March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Chris Welsh, Esq. Did you know that 5.3 million Americans live with a brain injury (Shepherd Center)? Brain injuries can occur in many ways to varying degrees. Both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries happen in car or sporting accidents, or from natural causes like infection or stroke. They do not always appear with open wounds or loss of consciousness. In fact, many people may not realize they have suffered a brain injury. Victims of brain injury and their loved ones need dedicated rehabilitative therapy and strong support systems for coping with and surviving the traumatic life changes that brain …


Truck Driver Behind CA Metrolink Derailment

Chris Welsh, Esq. A truck driver making a bad turn onto railroad tracks is the cause of the recent pre-dawn derailment of a California commuter train that put twenty-eight people in local hospitals, four in critical condition. Jose Alejandro Sanchez Ramirez, 54, of Arizona, claims to have taken a wrong turn onto the tracks where he faced a head-on collision and abandoned the truck beforehand. He was found 1 ½ miles away and has been charged with a felony hit-and-run. Thus far, investigation shows that the truck may have become stuck on the tracks. Upon collision, the truck was engulfed …


Insurer Companies Play the Fender-Bender Game, Victims Put Through the Legal Wringer

Chris Welsh, Esq. Have you ever been in a minor car crash and experienced the stress of getting medical bills paid by your insurance company afterwards? Truth is, you’re not alone. A new CNN investigation has found that insurance companies play hardball when it comes to minor crashes, even when you’re not at fault. Minor car crashes are accidents in which there is little damage to your car and, at first glance, little personal injury to you. The trouble is that minor crashes can bring about moderate to serious injuries that the eye doesn’t always see, such as herniated …


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