Injuries to Consumers

Newly Released GM Emails: Employees Knew About Defect Two Months Prior to Recall

Chris Welsh, Esq. New evidence has come out regarding GM’s massive recall due to a defective ignition switch. Per the request of a plaintiffs’ lawyer, private company emails have been unsealed and now reveal that GM knew about the defect problem and delayed notifying safety regulators far beyond the within-five-days rule. The emails, dated two months before the recall, show an effort to order 500,000 new ignition parts ‘ASAP.’ Notably, these email were not included in the “brutally tough” 315-page report by former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. Opinions differ as to why they were left out. While the emails …


U. S. Supreme Court Clarifies Pleading Standards

Chris Gilreath, Esq. Recently, attorneys have been plagued with the dual Supreme Court decisions of Iqbal and Twombly, which seem to require that plaintiffs plead their complaint with particular specificity, or face having their case dismissed. Put simply, they aren’t just a legal hoop to get through, they’re more like a wall. Often referred to as the Twombly-Iqbal standard, its result was that it became much more difficult for plaintiffs–the ones seeking justice in court–to even get through the door. This especially affected anyone with a discrimination claim, which is generally more difficult to prove with specific details early on. …


Boston Scientific Sets Aside $1 Billion for Transvaginal Mesh Trial

Chris Welsh, Esq. Boston Scientific, a medical device manufacturer and marketer , faces over 14,000 lawsuits for their transvaginal mesh device (“TVM”). The company has reportedly set aside $1 billion for legal expenses from the federal lawsuits. The defective TVM device allegedly posed risk of erosion, which caused severe complications for thousands of women–including organ perforation, infection, and intense pain. This led many to suffer painful sexual intercourse and undergo multiple revision surgeries. The latest claims, which span across state lines, have been consolidated to be heard in West Virginia district court. It’s certainly not the first case regarding …


Honda Recalls 170,000 More Vehicles for Exploding Airbag

Chris Welsh, Esq. Honda is recalling 170,000 more vehicles due to risk of a defective airbag. The recall includes five different models of cars sold across Asia, Europe, and Pacific Ocean islands. Honda has already recalled more than 6 million cars worldwide. Approximated 14.3 million have been recalled by the nine car corporations affected by the defect. The faulty airbags were manufactured by Takata Corporation, a Japanese company. Instead of inflating, airbags explode with shrapnel, severely hurting passengers (see video of the defect here) . Evidence of a tragic Florida accident described the injury as similar to a stabbing. …


Estimated $1 Billion Settlement for Dangerous Hip Replacement Patients

Chris Welsh, Esq. Courts in Minnesota and New Jersey have announced an important win for people injured by faulty hip devices. Nearly 4,000 people who had surgery to remove hip devices made by Stryker Corp. will share a settlement potentially worth more than $1 billion. The settlement involves those who had to endure two surgeries–one for the hip replacement, and an unfortunate second operation to replace the replacement. Such patients suffered painful complications as the Stryker devices corroded within their bodies, emitting debris from friction between metal parts into their bodies and bloodstreams. Due to the invasiveness of the procedure, …


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