Forced Arbitration

Are You Signing Away Your Right to Sue?

Brian Nettles, Esq. We’re all familiar with the “Terms & Conditions” that we sign whenever we buy a product, service, or sign onto a job–but did you ever consider that you signed away your right to sue when you “Agreed?” Neither did millions of other Americans. Buried in the fine print of everyday products and services, as well as jobs, are hidden contracts that sign away your right to be heard in front of a jury. In place of your rights, you unknowningly agree to arbitration, a corporate courthouse where the company that you are in dispute with hires the …


President Obama Signs Landmark Hit Against Forced Arbitration

Brian Nettles, Esq. President Obama has signed an executive order last week requiring that companies with federal contracts make their labor law violations public. In a groundbreaking move, the order also prohibits them from forcing employees with disputes into a forced, biased arbitration (via sneaky fine print in employment contracts). Roughly 24,000 American companies have contracts with the federal government, while employing about 28 million people–about 1 in 5 Americans. Most disturbingly, many of these companies perpetually neglect basic labor laws while receiving lucrative funds from the federal government.  A 2012 report released by Democratic Senator Tom Harkin states that …


American Apparel Hides Sexual Harassment With Binding Arbitration

Brian Nettles, Esq. Binding arbitration and the fight against growing corporate control is undeniably a leading issue of today’s era. With the help of the Supreme Court, corporations are increasingly fortified with the power to do whatever they please while trampling on the rights of their customers and employees. Often described as “too big to fail” and interpreted as “too big to punish”, big corporations are actually aided by a lot of little rules, sneaky fine print, and court justice allies. One of the darkest sides of ballooning corporate power is binding arbitration. Binding arbitration “agreements” are typically snuck into …


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