Forced Arbitration

Troops Face Illegal Repossession & Foreclosure Upon Return

Chris Welsh, Esq. Forced arbitration affects everyone. From the apps you buy to your job contract, chances are you have signed away your right to trial. What’s more, forced arbitration too often takes advantage of people that need the most help, and most respect. A new report by the NY Times exposes the harsh reality of forced arbitration’s reign. Their investigation has revealed that big corporations, even USAA and JPMorgan Chase, are using fine print to erase liability for violating the federal rights of veterans and servicemembers. The stories are widespread and gut-wrenching:  servicebmembers facing abrupt repossession while away …


How You Can Help End Forced Arbitration

Brian Nettles, Esq. As far as government agencies go, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) ranks high. With diligence and resilience, they continue to challenge and dismantle a system that burdens the working class. From Wall Street and predatory lending, to American student debt and mandatory arbitration, Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB is fighting financial injustice on all fronts. However, behind the agency are people like you and me. Much of the CFPB’s agenda is influenced by advocacy by public groups and individual consumers. Due to growing public opposition to forced arbitration, the CFPB investigated the issue and recently released it’s second …


Forced Arbitration and Your Seventh Amendment Rights

Chris Welsh, Esq. A big issue in today’s justice system is forced arbitration. Forced arbitration happens when you are forced to take your grievances, whether about treatment by your employer or a dispute with your bank, to a private arbitrator. The arbitrator is hired by your opponent to decide your case–and surprise!! They usually don’t rule in your favor. What’s wrong with this picture? How did you get in that position? Mandatory or forced arbitration starts with fine print contracts. Everyday, Americans sign away their right to jury trial unknowingly by agreeing to ‘Terms and Conditions’ when they make …


Man Beaten in His Home by Rent-a-Center Employee Forced to Arbitration

Robert Sachs, Esq. In a recent case, an 88-year-old man was beaten and robbed by a Rent-a-Center employee, and left for three days before being discovered in critical condition. Any logical person might think that such a terrible story would see its day in court. Well, that’s true–but not for what you think. Turns out, the victim had recently rented a refrigerator from Rent-a-Center. A 28-year-old employee had come to install it for him and repair a TV. Two weeks later, after quitting his job but allegedly still wearing the Rent-a-Center uniform, he returned to rob the elderly man and …


Arbitrators Don’t Have to Have Standards, Michigan Court Says

Robert Sachs, Esq. A Michigan appellate court has ruled that although judges are held to moral standards, arbitrators are not. This is a big problem, and they are not even shy about it. In fact, it’s a flat-out support for corruption. Increasingly, arbitration is used to handle civil grievances instead of the U.S. courts. These ‘civil grievances’ include just about everything, from sexual harassment claims against your employer to serious consumer shams, like unfair charges or action by your bank. Everyday, Americans unknowingly sign away their constitutional right to have their day in court when they click “I Agree” to …


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