Are You a Safe Swimmer? Important Skills to Know Before Jumping In

With Memorial Day coming next Monday, summer is officially just around the corner. Next week, pools nationwide will open up their gates for the summer season. Fresh out of school and ready for swim and sun, kids will literally be jumping into summer–but are they as aqua-invincible as they think? A new survey by the American Red Cross says probably not, given that nearly 54% of Americans surveyed could not perform the basic safe swimming skills of stepping or jumping into the water over your head returning to the surface and floating or treading water for one minute turning around in …


Second MERS Case Confirmed in the US, CDC Says Risk is Low

Brian Nettles, Esq. Two MERS cases have now been confirmed in the United States, raising some concern for a new outbreak, but the CDC has state that the public risk “is very low.” MERS, also known as Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, begins with a flu-like fever and cough that lead to shortness of breath, pneumonia, and even death. Unlike the common strains of the flu, MERS is believe to be more lethal. A total of 538 people have be reported with MERS, 145 of which succumbed to the illness (nearly a third of those sickened). Researchers believe that the virus …


How to Prepare and Respond to Severe Tornadoes

Tornadoes season goes from spring to summer, most often east of the Rocky Mountains. In the south, peak season runs from March to May. In the north, it is late spring to early summer. Last week, both regions faced a string of deadly storms that have claimed the lives of at least 17 people. The photos of the devastation are absolutely heartbreaking: homes, schools, and entire towns destroyed, thousands without power or water, others missing. Sadly, there is only so much one can do to prepare for a tornado. Tornadoes can strike quickly with little warning or no warning, and have been reported in …


Los Angeles is the Next Big City Considering E-Cigarette Ban in Public Spaces

Brian Nettles, Esq. This past Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban e-cigarettes in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other public spaces. Also known as “vaping,” health advocates fear that the e-cigarette industry is staged to take the place of the infamous, $80 billion dollar tobacco business. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco, but contain liquid nicotine that comes in a variety of flavors, from licorice to watermelon. This raises obvious concern not only because it is a candy flavored addictive drug that can harm a young, developing brain, but also because it is also a possible gateway to traditional …


Gas Line Explosion Destroys Two Homes in KY

Tad Thomas, Esq. An underground gasline running through rural Kentucky exploded in the early morning hours last Thursday. The pipeline, owned by Columbia Gulf Transmission, was about 20 feet underground and has left a crater 60 feet wide. Gas flow to the damaged pipeline has ceased and the fire has been handled by firefighters. The damage left includes a 4-5 vehicles, 3 homes, and 2 people. Two of the homes were completely destroyed, one person was hospitalized with burns. About twenty other homes near the site have been evacuated. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but Columbia Gulf …


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