Dram Shop Verdicts

Pamela Mullis -Driving toward Justice in a Dram Shop Case: Dram Shop Actions Present a Special Challenge – Establishing a Link between the Vendor and Your Client’s Injuries That Is Strong Enough to Persuade Jurors of Liability

I wrote this back in 2012:   DRUNK DRIVING cases commonly involve high-speed collisions, serious injuries, and minimal insurance coverage. When they include potential dram shop liability, the challenges for plaintiff attorneys are more complex. If you grasp the history behind dram shop actions, consider jurors’ perceptions of alcohol and drunk drivers, and pursue the threads that tie the vendor to your client’s injury, you can gain a fuller measure of justice in your case. Dram shop acts followed the rise of Prohibition. In the late 1800s, state legislatures began outlawing alcohol and 36 states ultimately ratified the Eighteenth Amendment, …


Wife of man killed in Dram Shop Case Gets Justice for his Memory: $2.5 Million Verdict

The bartender went so far as to “flag” the customer at the bar. The dram shop case was heard  by a Perry County jury. Keith Kerlin was killed in a wreck that happened in the early morning hours in 2013.  Jason Madden was driving a  Lexus  “while extremely intoxicated.” At the same time, deceased plaintiff Keith Kerlin was traveling east in the eastbound lane of Route 22/322 in his Oldsmobile.  “Due to his severe intoxication, Jason Madden slammed his car head-on with Keith Kerlin’s car was the allegation. At the time of the collision, Madden’s blood alcohol content was .268 …