School District Faces Accountability for Indifference to Anti-Semitic Bullying

Brian Nettles, Esq. nettleslawfirm.com What does the law demand of schools when it comes to bullying? A recently decided case out of New York state ruled that schools must take steps “reasonably calculated” to end harassment when it amounts to a “culture” of bias in the school. This means that lunch detention for bullies and a few anti-bullying assemblies won’t always be enough. But it also doesn’t mean that schools have to get rid of bullying entirely, which is a tough feat to say the least. So what does it mean? Try again, and try harder. Just because bullying can’t …


Jury Orders Autozone to Pay $185 Million for Gender and Pregnancy Discrimination

Chris Welsh, Esq. www.welsh-law.com A federal jury in San Diego says AutoZone Stores Inc. should pay $185 million in punitive damages for “unlawfully demoting and firing a female employee who complained about gender and pregnancy discrimination” (LA Times). Autozone sells car and truck parts in three countries, with annual sales this year rounding $9.5 billion. Plaintiff Rosario Suarez worked at one of Autozones 539 stores in California. She claims that she was demoted from a management position shortly after telling her district manager that she had become pregnant. Allegedly, her manager’s reply to her announcement was “I feel sorry for …