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Corporate Immunity: How Big Business is “Preempting” Liability

Brian Nettles, Esq. Federal preemption is a law that states that federal law trumps state law when the two come into conflict. In many cases, this is the right and just. However, in the case that corporations use this preemption to evade liability, there is serious issue.  There is a trend of corporations trying to use federal preemption as an immunity card from taking accountability of harmful products and/or misleading advertising at the state level. This is not only disturbing because it leaves injured consumers high and dry, but creates a culture of acceptable negligence and disregard for safety,  injuring …


Victims’ Stories Power the Fight to Hold GM Accountable

Saul Gruber, Esq. Personal stories from families of the victims of GM’s engineering failure and long term negligence continue to come to light this week. Their heartbreaking narratives will be one of the strongest forces against the legal loophole that GM is trying to escape liability through. In 2009, GM filed for bankruptcy. Today, the company must face the harsh reality of a bankruptcy fraud investigation–and the lives that its wrongdoing has changed forever. By bankruptcy law, GM is legally protected from making liability payments to anyone before 2009–but new court evidence reveals that GM knew of the fatal engineering …


Congress to Hear FDA’s Concern on Generic Drug Safety Gap

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Generic and brand name drugs are said to be one in the same…from dosage and strength, to safety and quality. What distinguishes them as different is simply their name, or rather, their reputation. In fact, brand drugs are often more expensive and well known simply because of marketing. Traditionally, generic and brand drugs meet conflict at the issue of labeling. In 1984, it was ruled that generic labels had to be the same as brand name labels that were copied. In 2011, a Supreme Court ruling stated that because generic drugs aren’t responsible for labeling, they cannot …


Low Testosterone Medications and Gels – Increased Risk of Non-fatal Myocardial Infarction?

Mark Zamora, Esq. Attorneys in my office are investigating a claimed link between these medications and heart injuries: 404 373 1800 Testosterone: What is it. In the fetal and embryonic stages of development, testosterone promotes the development of the scrotum and the formation of the structures involved in production. In adulthood, testosterone may play a part in sexual function, libido, hair loss, and it may play a role in the accumulation of abdominal fat.As men age, their testorone levels may slowly decline. This occurrence has been called “viripause”, “andropause” or “male menopause.” This menopause may be caused by the testosterone receptors becoming less receptive, while the amount of free …


Toyota Settlement Reveals a Long & Determined Journey to Justice

Brian Nettles, Esq. Every once in a while, a story comes along that exemplifies why we are trial lawyers and why we call ourselves a justice association. According to a story put out today by the ABA Journal online, a solo attorney, Lance Cooper, in Marietta, Georgia, represented a family in a wrongful death action when a nurse died in a car accident. Her car suddenly lost power and veered into oncoming traffic resulting in her fatal accident.  He sued GM and through vigorous discovery found about the large number of ignition defects claims and cases.  Mr. Cooper sent a …


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