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New Truck Proposal Not as Safe as It Sounds

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Later this year, Congress will consider a proposal to lengthen tractor trailers by five feet, an expansion that will at 18 percent volume for cargo. Proponents of the change claim this is a wise move for industry efficiency and safety–but this could not be further from the truth. They argue that Congress should back off restricting the size of trucks because the industry has “adopted significant safety upgrades,” but cannot also fulfill the delivery demands of 9 million people with just 28-foot trailers. They argue that bigger trucks will increase truck driving stability, decrease traffic congestion, and bring …


Attorney on the Iowa Sledding Ban: “Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself”

Chris Welsh, Esq. The Dubuque City Council of Dubuque, Iowa has imposed a sledding ban for fear of lawsuits. They’ve not only banned sledding, but threaten $750 fine for sledding at nearly every park in the city (96% to be exact). Unsurprisingly, a media frenzy has followed, likely fueling ideas that our nation is “sue-happy.” Speaking out in the Des Moines Register, Iowa attorney Brad Lint is calling the council’s move for what it is–ridiculous. Not only are personal injury cases only 0.4% of the cases filed in Iowa, but there have only been three sledding cases in Iowa …


Five People Killed in Tractor-Trailer Crash in Maryland

Chris Welsh, Esq. Five people, including a pregnant woman, were killed this past weekend in an early morning crash on Saturday in a collision between their vehicle and a tractor-trailer. The collision occurred around 1:15 am in Wye Mills, Md. at the intersection of routes 50 and 313. It is unknown who was driving at the time, but it is believe that the tractor-trailer was traveling in the southbound when it hit the victims’ westbound 2006 Suzuki Forenza on the passenger side and rolled over the vehicle. Investigators do not know which party had the red light. Charges have …


Dangerously Cold Weather Hits U.S.–What You Need to Know

Frigid temperatures are hitting the central and eastern U.S. this week. The Arctic cold and its lake effect snow can be extremely dangerous and even fatal. Five deaths have already been attributed to the coldfront, including an 18-vehicle pile-up accident in Pennsylvania. Thankfully, only three of 20 people were sent to the hospital and no deaths occurred. The arctic front has also forced schools from South Dakota to Boston to close today. During extreme weather conditions, it is critically important to prepare and remain aware. Times like these require that we take care of ourselves and others who need extra …


Nine or More Infected with Measles at Disneyland

Disneyland goers left with a surprise souvenir over the holiday. Approximately nine people that visited Disneyland of Disney California Adventure between December 15 and December 20 last year have been confirmed to have measles. Three additional cases are pending, bringing the potential total number to twelve. Measles is a respiratory disease carried by a virus and spread through the air. Historically, it is a very serious and contagious disease due to its nature. To put it into perspective, for every person that has measles, 12 to 18 are infected. For Ebola, the transmission ratio is 1.5 to 2.5. Thankfully, measles …


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