Child Safety

CPSC Recalls Portable Space Heater Recall for Electric Shock Risk

This year’s winter has turned serious for many Americans, especially those in the Northeast. Last week, Boston received a record snowfall of 34.2 inches in just 7 days and now expects another storm this weekend. That’s incredible considering that, on average, the city gets 40.9 inches per year. Frigid temperatures compound many problems such as mass transit, getting to school, and staying warm at home. If you live in a cold winter city, or plan to visit one soon, make sure to take precaution if you’re staying warm with a space heaters. Space heaters are common solutions for keeping homes …


Jury Awards $4 Million to Family of SF Cyclist Killed by Big-Rig Collision

Chris Welsh, Esq. The family of a cyclist fatally struck by truck in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood was awarded $4 million by a San Francisco Superior court jury last month. On August 14, 2013, Amelie Le Moullac, 24, was commuting to work when she was struck and killed by big-rig driver Gilberto Alcantar. Her tragic death was a point of much contention and emotion in a city where bicycling as a mode of transportation has nearly doubled in the last decade. Following the incident, the San Francisco Police Department was criticized for its handling of the investigation …


Important Reminders About School Bus Safety

Chris Welsh, Esq. Driving near a school bus requires extra caution and attention. Buses make frequent stops to let off passengers who are often of an age group that doesn’t always pay attention and who are tough to see beyond your vehicle.  Unsurprisingly, crashes and accidents related to school buses often occur between 7-8 am and 3-4 pm. Accidents can be the perfect storm of distracted driving and vision obstruction. Safe driving near school buses can be achieved by following a few simple steps: Pay attention! Be aware of where the bus is traveling and leave extra space for …


Has Your Family Experienced Medical Error? Share Your Story

Chris Welsh, Esq. Investigative blog platform, Vox, and public interest journalism site, ProPublica, are joining together to share stories of real-life medical error. Too often, stories of medical error are summarized in a statistic. Ironically, this makes them easier to swallow–and forget–no matter how incredible the number. The most up to date statistic is that between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year from preventable medical error, but many experts believe the number to be exponentially greater (Vox). Due to a wide variety of problems, medical error is widely underreported. According to another report by Vox, reasons for underreporting …


CPSC Votes for Mandatory Safety Standard for Home Window Blinds

Chris Welsh, Esq. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted for a mandatory standard for window blinds in response to the risk of accidental child strangulation. The vote was unanimous, and according to, a long time coming. Window blind cords in homes have been a risk to children as early as 1945 ( CPSC records show that an average of 11 children die each year from accidental window cord strangulation, as well as an average of six that suffer injuries including permanent brain damage. Between 1996 and 2012, an estimated 1,590 children were treated for injuries related …


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