Child Safety

Senate Suspends Trucker Fatigue Rules Just Days Before Tracy Morgan Crash

Chris Welsh, Esq. This weekend’s tragic crash involving comedian Tracy Morgan, who is now in critical condition, came just days after the Senate approved to weaken trucker fatigue rules. Morgan lost his longtime friend and fellow comedian, James McNair, in the deadly late night pileup. The truck driver that caused the accident is said to have failed to observe the slow moving traffic ahead of him and swerved to avoid impact, but collided with the limo carrying Morgan and six other people. Today, news has come out that the driver was Kevin Roper, 35, a Walmart employee who had not …


Bullies Don’t Take the Summer Off

Brian Nettles, Esq. There is no denying that cyberbullying is a serious issue. One of the most  troubling characteristics of cyberbullying is that it happens 24/7. With access to the internet, kids have access to each other–and opportunity to find trouble. Summer time can make this issue worse. With more free time and less adult supervision, children have more opportunity to bully or bullied, online or outside. As a parent or guardian, do not wait to address issues of bullying until they are out of control. It’s a false cultural assumption that bullying is a rite of passage that makes …


CPSC: 6th Baby Death Related to ‘Nap Nanny’ Recliner

Saul Gruber, Esq. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is urgently warning that all parents and caretakers cease use of the ‘Nap Nanny’ or ‘Nap Nanny Chill’ recliner immediately. The latest death was an 8-month old baby girl in New Jersey, who became trapped by the belt between the product and the crib bumper. It is the sixth baby death reported. Since 2010, the danger of the ‘Nap Nanny’ has been broadcasted and explained in a recall, safety blog, and legal settlement against the manufacturer (which is now out of business). While it is illegal to sell or resell the …


Portland, Oregon Tap Water Found Contaminated with E. Coli

The city of Portland and surrounding districts were warned today to boil all of its tap water before drink or use after E.coli was discovered in water samples. Citizens were advised to throw out any food or drink prepared with tap water on or before May 20th. In addition, the city has been warned to boil water for ice, toothbrushing, drinking, or food preparation for at least one minute. According to the Mayo Clinic, most types of E.coli are harmless or cause generally brief diarrhea. However, harsher strains can cause severe abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, and vomiting. Older adults, young …


Are You a Safe Swimmer? Important Skills to Know Before Jumping In

With Memorial Day coming next Monday, summer is officially just around the corner. Next week, pools nationwide will open up their gates for the summer season. Fresh out of school and ready for swim and sun, kids will literally be jumping into summer–but are they as aqua-invincible as they think? A new survey by the American Red Cross says probably not, given that nearly 54% of Americans surveyed could not perform the basic safe swimming skills of stepping or jumping into the water over your head returning to the surface and floating or treading water for one minute turning around in …


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