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Orlando Lawyers for VW Emissions Recall (Oct. ’15) Call us 813-518-1381

Our  lawyers are investigating and representing consumers who bought any of the recalled VW automobiles. 813-518-1381. If you are in Orlando, the call is free and confidential. Volkswagen has admitted to lying to government agencies and the people who bought or leased their diesel cars. VW has said they will pay for their illegal activity and false marketing claims. Who will be compensated? Federal and state governments. In similar cases, the mandatory penalties are paid first. VW Diesel Owners and Leasees. VW has already broken the trust their customers had in them. Prepare to stand in line. Don’t forget about …



Chris Welsh, Esq. Compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg has so far determined that the now notorious GM ignition switch defect, which was found to shut off the airbag and power steering, is responsible for 56 deaths. The new total has been climbing since the Jan. 31st deadline to submit claims to the compensation fund, which was set up due to the sheer size of the GM issue. Feinberg directed other mass compensation funds for other great tragedies, including the September 11th fund and one for the BP oil spill. As part of the process, those who submitted their claim for …


Trucking Industry Innovators Honored

Chris Welsh, Esq. The trucking industry has many issues, to say the least. Certainly, serious issues like driving fatigue and shaky infrastructure are its burden to bear these days, but the industry shouldn’t be characterized by the ones that give it a bad name. In contrast, many longtime players in the field dedicate their lives to overcoming these issues with innovation and perseverance. As an advocate for public safety, I would like to thank them and I am glad to see that they are being honored their leadership and forward thinking by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. This year, the magazine has …


FMSCA Orders South Dakota Trucking Company to Cease Operations

Chris Welsh, Esq. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) has declared the Mitchell trucking company and its owner-driver to be “imminent hazards to public safety” ( The federal administration has ordered the South Dakota-based trucking company to cease all commercial operations within South Dakota and between other states. The order against the driver and company comes after an investigators found the company committed serious violations of federal regulations. Violations included failure to implement random drug and alcohol testing, dispatching intoxicated drivers with blood alcohol content of 0.04% or greater, and failure to enforce hours-of-service rules design to prevent …


More Guilty Pleas in NY Truck Test Cheating Scheme

Christopher Welsh, Esq. Two more people have pleaded guilty to charges in a Commercial Driver’s License test-taking scheme in New York State. Just days apart, Firdavs Mamadaliev pleaded guilty to identification documents fraud and Akmal Narzikulov pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, New York ( Their pleas follow five other pleas from last month, including from security guards and a couple who operated a commercial driving school in Brooklyn. The sweep of pleas is the result of an investigation that uncovered that cheating schemes occurred at five DMV’s in the New …


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