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Debt-Buyers Behind the Real Zombie Apocalypse

Brian Nettles, Esq. The long feared, mythical zombie apocalypse has already begun in a place you likely didn’t expect: the debt buying industry. Debt buying? You bet. Debt buying is a lucrative business that thrives on dishonesty. Essentially, debt buyers buy what original creditors are tired of chasing after, like defaulted credit or retail accounts. These are called portfolios and are much like a debt record. Trouble is, they are not always accurate. Debt buyers make their purchase with only basic information and no warranty that they are accurate. In other words, your portfolio doesn’t show if you disputed …


Forced Arbitration and Your Seventh Amendment Rights

Chris Welsh, Esq. A big issue in today’s justice system is forced arbitration. Forced arbitration happens when you are forced to take your grievances, whether about treatment by your employer or a dispute with your bank, to a private arbitrator. The arbitrator is hired by your opponent to decide your case–and surprise!! They usually don’t rule in your favor. What’s wrong with this picture? How did you get in that position? Mandatory or forced arbitration starts with fine print contracts. Everyday, Americans sign away their right to jury trial unknowingly by agreeing to ‘Terms and Conditions’ when they make …


Ohio Vows End to Death Penalty Drug Mixture

The state of Ohio will no longer use a two-drug combination for the death penalty by lethal injection. The previously untested combination of midazolam (a sedative) and hydromorphone (a powerful analgesic) was administered for the first and last time for the execution of Dennis McGuire last year. The cocktail caused McGuire to choke and gasp until he died 15 minutes later. Lethal injection should be physically painless and take up to five minutes when done properly. His family sued the state, claiming that his death amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. McGuire is not the only inmate to suffer from …


Man Beaten in His Home by Rent-a-Center Employee Forced to Arbitration

Robert Sachs, Esq. In a recent case, an 88-year-old man was beaten and robbed by a Rent-a-Center employee, and left for three days before being discovered in critical condition. Any logical person might think that such a terrible story would see its day in court. Well, that’s true–but not for what you think. Turns out, the victim had recently rented a refrigerator from Rent-a-Center. A 28-year-old employee had come to install it for him and repair a TV. Two weeks later, after quitting his job but allegedly still wearing the Rent-a-Center uniform, he returned to rob the elderly man and …


Target Tries to Dismiss Data Hacking Case, Judge Says Not a Chance

Chris Welsh, Esq. On Tuesday, a federal judge denied Target’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit against the the retailer related to last year’s infamous cyber hacking that compromised millions of consumers credit and debit card information, saying Target played a “key role” in jeopardizing sensitive information. The suit was brought by five banks, all of whom want compensation for the money they spent reimbursing fraudulent charges and issuing credit and debit cards after the big breach. Their class action accuses Target of negligence and violation of Minnesota consumer protection law. Unsurprisingly, they seek millions of dollars in damages–the breach …


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