Blog Categories

Child Safety

Nothing is more important that protecting our children from harm caused by negligence, maliciousness or irresponsibility. These blogs will discuss dangers faced by the modern child and how to represent these small victims when they have been harmed.


Dangerous Products

An inherent trust exists between consumers and manufacturers of the products they buy. Consumers should be able to trust that a product will serve its purpose to the best and safest level possible if warnings labels and instructions are followed properly. In the case of negligent companies or entities, this may not always be the case, and a person may be harmed through use of a defective good. These blogs will discuss products of which consumers should be wary of and why.


Injuries to Consumers

When a defective product causes physical damage resulting in severe personal injury or death, the consumer becomes a victim and may take action in the form of a product liability lawsuit.


Litigation Resources

These blogs will detail our advice and “best practices” for attorneys who are litigating cases.


Motor Vehicle Collisions

Every person with a driver’s license is allowed the privilege of driving, a privilege that is dependent on the safe operation of their vehicle. There are terrible consequences when drivers fail to behave safely on the road. In these blogs, we will discuss legislation related to driving, as well our experiences litigation motor vehicle collision cases.


Motor Vehicle Defects

Modern vehicles are equipped with safety features including head restraints, seatbelts, airbags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control and many others. These features are all designed and manufactured to avert accidents or, in the case of collision, to absorb impact, minimize injuries, prevent ejection from the vehicle, and lessen the risk of fire. All of these parts should be in working order. In addition, the operation of the vehicle should function as it was intended. Our blogs will discuss known defective parts or vehicles, as well as the consequences of such occurrences.


Nursing Home Malpractice

A sad truth is that abuse of the oldest members of our society occurs in nursing home facilities. Instead of being able to live out their remaining years comfortably, these elderly people are often harmed by the ones who are paid to care for them. We will blog about the dangers lurking in these homes, as well as best practices for representing nursing home victims.


Professional Negligence

Those who have received specific training for a trade that involves the health of others, such as doctors, have a specific duty to provide quality care. When that duty is not met, a claim may be filed. Such cases are difficult and require special skill and resources.



When a product fails to meet a reasonable level of safety, it is recalled. Once a product has been recalled, it opens the door for victims of harm caused by the product to pursue compensation. We will be updating with the latest recalls.


Trucking Accidents

In order to safely operate their massive vehicles, tractor-trailer drivers undergo specialized training and must exhibit to a high level of awareness while on the road. Trucking accidents cases are often difficult to build, as the severity of them may result in destroyed evidence.


Unsafe Medical Devices & Drugs

Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers have an exceptional level of responsibility for producing safe goods, due to the nature of their products. We have extensive experience litigating cases involving dangerous drugs or defective products, and here we share that knowledge with each other.