Tad Thomas

After graduating with honors from law school at Northern Kentucky University, Tad Thomas opened his own practice in Louisville. He quickly gravitated to the area of personal injury and civil litigation, an area where he could assist clients in their time of need. Seven years later Mr. Thomas was given the honor of being invited to assist Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and leading the Civil and Environmental Division of the Attorney General’s Office. Only a few months later he was promoted to one of two Assistant Deputy Attorneys General and was given the responsibility of overseeing four divisions and all of the office’s civil litigation. These four divisions consisted of over 100 personnel including lawyers, staff and sworn law enforcement officers.

During his tenure in the office of the Attorney General, Mr. Thomas litigated cases against the country’s largest pharmaceutical, insurance and petroleum companies and recovered millions of dollars for the Commonwealth. In his first year, he assisted his Office of Rate Intervention in negotiating a rate case with EON’s US Division. His efforts resulted in millions of dollars in savings for Kentucky consumers. He also defended Kentucky’s judges against civil suits, defended the state’s statutes against constitutional challenges and helped lead the fight in an attempt to stop the state’s early release of prisoners. Outside of the courtroom, Mr. Thomas participated in drafting legislation to involve the Attorney General’s office in securities litigation on behalf of the state’s retirement systems, drafted formal opinions of the Attorney General on important public issues and advised the Attorney General on a wide range of policy matters.

Mr. Thomas has now returned to private practice where he will continue to devote his time to civil litigation and the representation of individuals and companies injured at the hands of others. His office, located two blocks from the Louisville courthouses, enables him easy access to the judicial system to work on behalf of his clients.

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