Amtrak-Truck Collision Potentially Fault of Oversized Truck

Chris Welsh, Esq.

Earlier this month, an 18-wheeler carrying three times the size and weight permitted made a fateful left-hand turn across train tracks when it collided with an Amtrak train. This is the second major truck and train incident this year.

Allegedly, a special permit had been written to allow the truck to exceed length and weight limits. A witness reports that the driver of the 164-foot truck had been trying to make the turn for nearly ten minutes and accelerated at the last minute when he saw the oncoming train. The driver jumped out of the vehicle before impact, but the train conductor was not so fortunate. The conductor and at least 55 people were injured in the collision.

Neither the railroad nor Amtrak were notified of the truck’s situation at the tracks by the Highway Patrol, the driver, or the truck’s dispatcher. The Federal Railroad Administration is currently investigating the incident.

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