How You Can Help End Forced Arbitration

Brian Nettles, Esq.

As far as government agencies go, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) ranks high. With diligence and resilience, they continue to challenge and dismantle a system that burdens the working class. From Wall Street and predatory lending, to American student debt and mandatory arbitration, Elizabeth Warren’s CFPB is fighting financial injustice on all fronts.

However, behind the agency are people like you and me. Much of the CFPB’s agenda is influenced by advocacy by public groups and individual consumers. Due to growing public opposition to forced arbitration, the CFPB investigated the issue and recently released it’s second study. This is an important step towards ending forced arbitration, which has continually been swept under the rug and ignored on a

Attorney Brian Nettles

Attorney Brian Nettles

national level. Still, we can’t stop and celebrate just yet. Today, you can take four simple steps to make an important impact in the fight for consumer rights:

  • Learn more about how forced arbitration affects you and your loved ones. Visit our helpful blog archive on consumer rights and forced arbitration.
  • Sign and share the petition against forced arbitration on, where nearly 15,000 others have made a stand against corporate abuse of consumers.
  • Have you suffered financially and emotionally after signing away your right to trial the fine print of a company’s “Terms of Agreement”? Share your story with the American Association for Justice (“AAJ”), email
  • Share and Like this informative meme on Facebook.


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