March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Chris Welsh, Esq.

Did you know that 5.3 million Americans live with a brain injury (Shepherd Center)? Brain injuries can occur in many ways to varying degrees. Both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries happen in car or sporting accidents, or from natural causes like infection or stroke. They do not always appear with open wounds or loss of consciousness. In fact, many people may not realize they have suffered a brain injury.

Victims of brain injury and their loved ones need dedicated rehabilitative therapy and strong support systems for coping with and surviving

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

the traumatic life changes that brain injuries often bring. Given the large and diverse population affected by brain injury, the month of March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. In an effort to de-stigmatize brain injuries and empower survivors, the Brain Injury Association of American (BIAA) has launched its campaign Not Alone. The support campaign seeks to educate the public about brain injury incidents and the needs of accident victims and their families.

Share your story and support on social media with helpful banners from the Brain Injury Association of America or your own photos with the hashtag, “#NotAloneInBrainInjury.”

To learn more about living with a brain injury, such as diagnosis, treatment, and the health process, visit the Brain Injury Association of America’s website.

And protect your brain! Always wear a helmet during activities that require or recommend it, such as biking, snowboarding, or when riding a motorcycle. And always wear your seatbelt when traveling by car.


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