Four Highway Safety Lobbies Push NHTSA for Automatic Brake Systems in Big Rigs

Chris Welsh, Esq.

Safety advocates from four different groups are pushing for the National Highway Traffic Safety Association(“NHTSA”) to mandate a brake safety technology in big rig trucks. The technology is forward collision avoidance and mitigation braking, aka”F-CAM,” uses radar to alert the driver of imminent danger and to apply the brakes. If it determines that a crash is about to occur, it will automatically apply them to lessen

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

the severity of the collision.

The technology has been available for quite some time, but has seen inconsistent application by individual companies. Reportedly, just 3% of the more than 3 million standard tractor-trailers (Class 8) on the road today are equipped with some form of this technology ( If used more widely, advocates say it could prevent over 2,500 crashes annually, and up to 6,300 in the future.

Unsurprisingly, they are pushing the NHTSA to mandate the use of F-CAMS on all new trucks and buses weighing 10,000 lbs or more. In a positive development, they have the potential support of the American Trucking Association (“ATA”), which plans to review the data and look into the reform recommendation. The ATA points out that it is still awaiting approval from the NHTSA on a safety proposal from six years ago that would electronically govern the speed of all big trucks, limiting them to 65 mph.

Looks like we’ll need to join forces to get these important regulations for the road. Contact the NHTSA and voice your demand for safer roads:.

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