Trucking Industry Innovators Honored

Chris Welsh, Esq.

The trucking industry has many issues, to say the least. Certainly, serious issues like driving fatigue and shaky infrastructure are its burden to bear these days, but the industry shouldn’t be characterized by the ones that give it a bad name. In contrast, many longtime players in the field dedicate their lives to overcoming these issues with innovation and perseverance.

As an advocate for public safety, I would like to thank them and I am glad to see that they are being honored their leadership and forward

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

thinking by Heavy Duty Trucking magazine. This year, the magazine has chosen four fleet executive nominees to be honored as the 2015 HDT Truck Fleet Innovators.for their progressive and dedicated efforts to the field, from safety and business practices to fuel efficiency and the environment.

This year, the honorees are Rich DeBoer, executive vice president of Ozinga Brothers; John Elliott, CEO of Load One; Steve Rush, owner and president of Carbon Express; and Braxton Vick, senior vice president of corporate planning and development for Southeastern Freight Lines.

Coming from across the country, these honorees will be celebrated at the MATS Fleet Forum in Louisville, Kentucky and will be profiled in the March issue of Heavy Duty Trucking. To learn more about their individual contributions, check out their profiles on Congratulations, and thank you.

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