Has Your Family Experienced Medical Error? Share Your Story

Chris Welsh, Esq.


Investigative blog platform, Vox, and public interest journalism site, ProPublica, are joining together to share stories of real-life medical error. Too often, stories of medical error are summarized in a statistic. Ironically, this makes them easier to swallow–and forget–no matter how incredible the number.

The most up to date statistic is that between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans die each year from preventable medical error, but many experts believe the number to be exponentially greater (Vox). Due to a wide variety of problems, medical error is widely underreported.

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

According to another report by Vox, reasons for underreporting include the financial structure of the health care system, doctor reluctance to record or acknowledge error, and previous harm unbeknownst to doctors, like bedsores developed during earlier care.

Every year, tens of thousands of patients die from medical error. That’s a number that rivals fatalities from drug overdoses, breast cancer, and even car accidents. Varying reports rank it as the 3rd or 9th leading cause of death in the country. To put this in perspective, the number of people that die from medical error could fill a Major League Baseball stadium (Vox).

Tragically, its hard to tell whether the problem is getting better or worse. There is simply no reliable, system-wide reporting data from across the country. To begin to tackle this problem, Vox and ProPublica are asking for your help. If you or a loved one has suffered serious complications from negligent medical care, share your story. Sharing your experience could expose widespread issues within our health care system that are too often swept under the rug or ignored as a necessary risk.

To share your story with Vox and ProPublica, fill out a short survey and summarize your experience here. All of your information will be kept confidential unless you give permission to share it. A reporter may follow up for more information, but again, only with your permission.

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