Judge Urges Transvaginal Mesh Supplier to Settle

Chris Welsh, Esq.
The tide in transvaginal mesh litigation took an unusual move last month. A federal judge overseeing multidistrict litigation urged defendant supplier, C.R. Bard, to settle the thousands of lawsuits or face the likelihood of billion dollar rewards by juries. “I base that

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

billions of dollars business on some of the rather large verdicts we’ve had,” he said at the hearing.

Reportedly, there are roughly 10,000 cases pending against C.R. Bard in that particular multidistrict litigation, which is taking place in West Virginia. The litigation follows big decisions against suppliers of defective transvaginal devices, including C.R. Bard, Boston Scientific, and Johnson & Johnson. The largest jury award came from Texas in September, when a state court jurors ordered Boston Scientific to pay $73 million in damages to a woman who was seriously injured by the mesh implant.
Transvaginal mesh devices are used to treat stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women. However, it has caused serious pain and injury to patients, including organ perforation and erosion. Cases against suppliers allege that mesh manufacturers actively and intentionally mislead the FDA, medical community and patients; failed to conduct proper testing and research for the risks of surgical mesh, and failed to establish safe and effective methods for mesh removal (drugwatch.com).
If you or a loved one is suffering from complications of a transvaginal mesh device, reach out for help. Contact an attorney to discuss potential legal options.

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