Forced Arbitration and Your Seventh Amendment Rights

Chris Welsh, Esq.

A big issue in today’s justice system is forced arbitration. Forced arbitration happens when you are forced to take your grievances, whether about treatment by your employer or a dispute with your bank, to a private arbitrator. The arbitrator is hired by your opponent to decide

Attorney Chris Welsh

Attorney Chris Welsh

your case–and surprise!! They usually don’t rule in your favor.

What’s wrong with this picture? How did you get in that position? Mandatory or forced arbitration starts with fine print contracts. Everyday, Americans sign away their right to jury trial unknowingly by agreeing to ‘Terms and Conditions’ when they make purchases or get employed. Essentially, big companies have created their own tribunal, separate from the American justice system and your rights. They’ve gotten away with this with the help of corporate friendly judges and the false truth that American courts are overburdened with frivolous cases.

Don’t be fooled. Most disputes are settled out of court through mediation between parties and their attorneys, very few reach trial. Simply put, forced arbitration is a big scam. Adding insult to injury, the process robs you of your Seventh Amendment right to jury trial. This constitutional provision is critically important and has brought about significant change for the American people when not unlawfully restricted or ignored. Jury trials have brought protection to consumers from flammable pajamas, lead-tainted candy, exploding cars, and toxic water.

Take part in the growing movement to expose the truth about forced arbitration. If you have exercised your right to jury trial to achieve justice, share your story and hear about others! Visit Take Justice Back or email

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