Take Part in Today’s Fight for An Active Democracy

The fight for an active democracy is as real as ever. Breaking down the issue, serious challenges stand in the way of our nation’s potential for a strong and fair electoral system: voter apathy, the increased vulnerability of voting rights, and dangerous campaign finance laws.

All separate but certainly overlapping issues, the Southern Poverty Law Center is aiming to educate America’s youth on their importance with a new film, One Person, One Vote.

The film follows several first person perspectives of young activists present at Bloody Sunday through critical events that culminated in the march for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. By reawakening history in the eyes of today’s youth, One Person, One Vote will remind young Americans of the sacrifices made for voting rights and equality, and in doing so, call attention to today’s threats to our democracy.

Ultimately, One Person, One Vote has the potential to empower today’s youth to be active citizens and have their voice heard. As the corporate power continues to grow with the help of a Supreme Court alliance, SPLC founder Morris Dees and other advocates for justice warn that active citizenry is one of the strongest, and most important, ways to secure a government that reflects a nation’s values.

SPLC’s classroom documentaries have already won two Oscar nominations. Be a part of the movement and the film by making a gift to SPLC. By making a gift, you will have your name added to the credits of the film and help 50,000 copies be distributed to schools across the country free of charge.

To have your name in the movement, please share your gift by September 15th. To learn more, visit SPLC.

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