NCAA Concussion Litigation News for August 1, 2014

I’m Mark Zamora, and I’ve been appointed to the 5 lawyer committee that will navigate the waters of the proposed settlement, its terms, and payments for certain diagnostics to be performed under the settlement terms. My number is 404 373 1800, and my email is

As a result of the pending medical monitoring class action case pending in Chicago, the NCAA would embrace a new protocol to handle athlete concussions and would spend millions of dollars to monitor former players as long as those athletes are barred from filing class-action claims in the future, under a proposed settlement announced in federal court in Chicago on Tuesday.

Described as a “commitment to student-athlete safety,” the $75 million deal would protect the NCAA from the type of costly settlement the NFL is negotiating with its retired players. While former college athletes still could file individual personal injury suits against the organization, those claims don’t typically carry the same power as class-action suits.

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